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SMS Text Message Bulk Marketing

SMS Text Message Bulk Marketing give you direct contact with your customers.
80% of your mobile telecom business comes from 20% of your active customers. As a result we have found that keeping your 'lapsed 80%' of customers informed of new mobile products and telecom services with bulk sms text marketing is vital.

As a result we have developed and negotiated a Bulk SMS text message broadcast send scheduler. This enables you to keep in contact with you customers by SMS for little cost. Unlike off shore bulk delivery, where many of the messages are not excepted onto the UK mobile phone networks, we deliver direct to all UK mobile phone networks and get full delivery notification. You are then able to manage the customers delivery record and make informed decisions about the customers viability / liability.

Bulk SMS Text Message Scheduling Tool

A handy tool for bulk sms text message marketing that enables you to spread a sms marketing campaign over a pre-defined period of time or queue your bulk text message sends to any time in the future.

Bulk SMS Marketing Rates / Prices

Curent Bulk SMS Text Message rates are:

Mobile Text Message SMS Bulk Marketing

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