Horse Racing Tipster Telephone Services

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Horse Racing Tipster Telephone SMS Text Services

AceInfo Horse Racing TipstersReverse Billed Premium SMS Text Message (PSMS) to mobile phones is an ideal way for selling information to the betting community.

Unlike premium rate telephone lines where you are reliant on the customer to ring each day the SMS text message Veredus Horse Racing Tipster SMS Telecomscontent is pushed to the custom’s mobile phone whenever you place a tip. Many customers prefer this as they do not have to call each day.

SMS Text Message Payouts to Horse Racing Tipsters start at:
( Cost per message to subscriber is £1.50 (inc VAT))

For Tipster Billing we also have: PRS services - £1.50 per minute paying out over £1 per minute. Credit Card web services Other countries that support PSMS. Low Call voice access, billed by PSMS (£6 per call up to 30 mins)

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