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SMS Mobile Text Chat Dating

Mobile SMS Text Message Chat and Dating is the simplest and perhaps the most effective Premium SMS service yet developed. The direct equivalent of Premium Live Chat services it allows users to communicate directly with our experienced operators.

Each sms text message is reverse charged to the user's mobile phone when the sms text message is received (MT Billing) and each user is identified by their mobile phone number, which gives a complete history of all premium text conversations to our mobile chat operators. SMS Text Message Chat comes in either Adult or Non-Adult formats.

SMS Text Message Reverse Billed Chat Dating

Virtual SMS Text Chat

Virtual SMS Text Message Chat (also known as SMS Text Message Exchange) is a hybrid service which allows callers to listen to the names and descriptions of other callers on-line.

If the caller wants to send another caller an SMS Text message they record the message and the system simply passes it on. The service is monitored to prevent abusive or offensive mobile text messages being passed between parties and 'enhancers' means that there is always a great atmosphere on the line ensuring high average call durations.

Virtual SMS Text Chat comes in 3 formats; Adult, Non-Adult and Gay

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