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Audience Recruitment Premium Telephone Lines

Audience Recruitment Premium Telephone Lines is ideal if you are seeking contestants and audiences. One of the best ways of recruiting is to use an automated IVR call system.

This is where TIPtelecom will help you. We will work with you to develop a solution best suited for the programme. We will offer you a national network with over 9000 lines of automated response lines IVR with full data capture facilities and a range of options to enhance your service.Premium Rate SMS Premium Phone Lines

Psychic Tarot Horoscope Premium Telephone Services

Psychic, Tarot and Horoscope Services from TIPtelecom are fully managed and licensed conforming to all PPP regulations. We only used skilled and experienced tarot horoscope and psychic readers, which ensures that you see excellent average call durations, which in turn increase your profit margins. Live Tarot allows callers to talk live with one of our experienced readers and to choose from a three or five card reading. Alternatively use your own tarot horoscope readers with our online web interface.

Interactive Tarot is an IVR based service. Callers are asked to enter their Date of Birth and then select either a 'three card' or a 'five card' reading. Interactive Stars is an IVR based horoscope service allowing callers to select a daily reading from a menu of star-signs.

Premium Phone Line and SMS Text Dating

Our dating service is a fully managed IVR based dating application. Users are asked to record their own voicemail message and the service will then ask them to give a few key details such as the type of person they are looking for, location etc. Once the user’s message box has been vetted the user has the option of being sent a text message via their mobile phone each time someone matching their criteria rings in & leaves them a voicemail message. TIPtelecom will also provide details of all the updated message boxes across the entire service so that you can keep your advertising up to date.

Mobile Text Message SMS Bulk Marketing

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