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Reverse Billed SMS Text Voting / Competitions

Our reversed billed sms text message voting application allows you to collect sms text messages in a variety of formats to a single shortcode using a unique mobile shortcode keyword to identify your participants. Real-time voting pattern reporting is available on-line.

We can launch sms text message competitions and reverse billed sms text voting services remarkably quickly. These sms text services are an instant revenue stream and a proven way of increasing the average revenue per user.

Mobile based SMS Text Message Competitions can be used as part of your overall sms text mesaage marketing strategy to promote products and services and to build brand awareness. The competitive element and the chance for an instant win hold customers attention and help to increase customer loyalty.

A poll can be used to hold a conventional vote or, for example in CRM, as either a feedback channel or as market research that provides an instant indicator of customer opinions.

Telephone / Mobile Phone Voting

By getting your audience to vote they will feel part of the programme, Phone-vote is a simple and excellent way to gauge the opinion of your readers or audience. We are able to provide voting campaigns across a range of platforms including telephone, SMS, email, web, post or even fax. You can use Phone-voting to help you choose a programme ending or maybe to gauge the opinions of your readers or audience.

Mobile Text Message SMS Bulk Marketing

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